Let Mobile Technology in the museums bring a little enhancement!

Museums are already for being the best place for innovation. But now as we are growing and mobbing forward for generations to come, we can see how many museums have already proven to be some of the most existing testing grounds for the technological advancements.


Let your visitors enjoy the museum collection with a mobile app!

Did you know how convenient it would be for your visitor to view the information related to the artifact on their mobile phone itself? Museums have already started leveraging the mobile technology, HAVE YOU?


Digital Membership cards from your Neon CRM System

We are familiar with the standard plastic membership card. It has probably got the membership number, the name and few other details of the member. But who really wants one more card to carry in the wallet. Why not give ease of access to your members? With our introduction of eMembership Card solution, you can now let your members enjoy the benefits.


The Role of Enhanced Communication in the Science Museums!

We are living in a society which has reached a point where everyone desires to get customized services and products. Right from coffee to computers and from shopping to museum experiences, everything is becoming digitalized to meet the growing needs and expectations of the audience.


Perks of using iBeacon Technology in the Museum

With the increasing number of smartphones and tablet usage, a majority of people are using their mobile phones to carry out the most of their day-to-day activities. This is one of the reasons why most of the museums have turned towards the mobile technology and are walking along with it.


FAQs: Museum App Development by MuseumAnywhere

We at MuseumAnywhere help the museums to reach a large number of audiences in order to make the museum accessible to them by providing them a bag full of benefits. Being the best museum app company, we understand how our clients come up with certain queries. So in this blog, we are going to provide answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by our clients that would help to solve yours too.


Digital Membership Card over plastic cards. Which is better?

We all are familiar with how a plastic membership card looks like; it does have the membership number, the name, and few other details of the member. I won’t deny, but would rather say that a plastic membership card is the best way to let your members flaunt about their membership or in other words we can even say, it is also beneficial in best representation of your organization’s brand.


Acquire a Mobile Collection App for your Museum!

Imagine your audience stepping in the museum and experience the art and painting right in the palm of their hand. The location-based content being displayed on their mobile screen.


Collection Online: Make Museum Artifacts available to everyone

Over the years, museums have been serving the community with a variety of facts and arts based on nature, history, science and more. But there have been times when people who wanted to visit the museums, couldn’t make it due to certain issues.


The Benefits of having a Science Center App!

Living in the age of technology, can you just manage to be off track from it when it’s a matter of your museum?

No, you simply cannot. I am talking about mobile technology that is helping museums and other cultural institutions immensely.


Reduce the stress with member fast lane kiosk for Museums

Museums have to welcome visitors and members on a daily basis and at times it becomes a challenging thing for the museum staffs when it comes to getting indulged in the check-in formalities of the visitors and the members. Obviously, the queues are different when we talk about the visitors and the members but just to break the mess and make it more hassle-free, museums have started using the Member Fast Lane Kiosk that reduces the time of the staff and the member as well to get the entry into the museum.


Reasons why Mobile Wallet Is the Best Place for Digital Membership Cards!

We all are familiar with the standard plastic/physical membership cards. It just has the membership number, the image of the member and the address with few other short details.


Why Should Plastic Membership Cards go digital?

Studies predict that nearly 73% of the smartphone users love to get things right on their mobile phones, so why not ease the membership module for them? By this, I don’t mean that plastic cards are no more of use. Yes, it does have its own perks. A plastic card comes with personal details of the member which is good when the members have to flaunt it to others when introducing them to the friends or family. But it surely has its limitations and other challenges and you must be aware of it.


How can an app reduce teacher’s workload in the museums?

‘Teaching with the help of technology means, enhancing the techniques of learning.’

Over the past few decades, there has been an immense influence of technology on education. Education was once equated with money, but now the things have changed.


Giving art and sculptures a voice with an audio/video tour

It has now been years since the audio guides were introduced in the museums and by then the solution has evolved to become an integral part of the museum experience that serves the visitors with information which can give them a deeper appreciation of the artifacts or historical context and bring subjects to life through storytelling.


The Changing Nature of Membership in the Museums

Museums are embracing digital innovation, what about yours?

Many museums and cultural organizations have seen vast technology changes over the years. Not just they keep members engaged through other online platforms but are making the best use of mobile technology.


Takeaways on how museums are adapting to digital age demands

Museums have always been a place to serve the community with facts related to history, science, environment or animals. By adopting a technology, museums are not just allowing visitors and the members to use their mobile phones while browsing the artworks but encouraging it as well.


Bring your museum to life with location-based iBeacon Technology

With beacon technology, now museums have got the opportunity to provide context to the audience like never before. Get mobile app with beacon technology developed at MuseumAnywhere which can help you to sense exactly where in the museum your visitor is.


Let the imagination of your visitors come true- AR technology in applications!

While it is still in its emerging phase, AR is dramatically changing the way visitors are learning and getting inspired by the artifacts.


Hello Museums! Go Digital and Experience a Newer Version of Membership Cards

Museums are embracing new ways to drive more visitors and that is the reason why they have now become digital. We are talking about the digital membership card by MuseumAnywhere that has helped many museums to get more closely connected to their members.


Best Practices followed by MuseumAnywhere for Creating Content for your Museum App

So you want a mobile solution for your museum containing easy to understand content that will engage more visitors, right?


The Digital Transformation of Museums- How museums are going online!

Because digital technologies can help museums and other cultural institutes provide the audience an exceptional and personalized experience.


Are you still using Audio Tours? Turn your visitor’s walk with audio and video tour!

Audio tours were common but have you thought how by harnessing the technology you can help your visitors experience an overall personalized tour by literally watching the artifacts moving or knowing the information related to history in a more enhanced way by watching a video!


Driving Visitor Engagement by bringing museum’s collection online in the Digital Age!

Museums provide amazing opportunities to engage the visitors with history and culture and hence it is important for the museums to become accessible to the people of all age groups so that they can experience this history and culture whether physically or digitally.


What are Museums for and how can they bring innovation in member engagement?

To describe simply the answer – what are museums for would be to save, restore, educate.


Mobile Apps are helping Museums to Enhance the Audience Engagement!

Have you ever thought how your visitors can enjoy the tour at museums? Or how about taking selfies in the museums?


Challenges faced by museums and the solution to it!

Museums are amongst the most revered institutions all around the world. Whether it be an art, zoo or historical and cultural museum, all of them have been serving the community for years.


Can Museums Reach Multilingual Audiences?

Implement the best practices today and connect in the language of the visitor!

There are a lot of challenges faced by museums and other cultural institutions. One of the challenges that they come across is how they can share the information about the artifacts with audiences who speak a range of languages.


Where the History and Zoo comes alive- Museum App Development with Augmented Reality

Imagine your visitors experiencing the arts, painting, and sculptures in its original state and taking the tour by hearing the lions roar or dinosaurs nodding their head.


Membership Enhancement: Taking Your Membership Model on Smartphones

As quoted by one of our clients- “For museums and cultural institutions, running a membership program has always been time-consuming particularly when a number membership related tasks are done manually by the museum staffs.”

Teacher App

How Museums can transform the nature of learning with Teacher App by MuseumAnywhere

Over the decades the educational role of museums has increased worldwide. This blog intends to discuss the adequacy of a teacher app for museums and how it makes learning easier and fun both for the students as well as teachers.


eMembership cards from Raiser’s Edge NXT

eMembership cards can endear your museums for now and years to come. Our digital membership card solution is to provide your member the numerous benefits which couldn’t be made possible earlier.


Few Tips for Leveraging Beacons in Museums

Beacons in the museums allow personalized notifications and alerts on the visitor’s smartphone. With iBeacon integration within the mobile app or physical beacons, museums can leverage the technology immensely as it will give a clear analytics on where and how much time is spent by the visitor.


How Museums Can Go Green with Digital Membership Cards and leverage immense benefits

Going green is a better change that many museums and cultural institutions need to adopt sooner or later but what is the best and reliable way of doing it?


Can Museums Accelerate Member’s Engagement through Digital Membership Card

The Museums know it better, how the best visitors end up becoming a member, but when we talk about the membership expense that museums have to bear can often be off-putting, so for that matter we are here to sweeten the deal that any museum can leverage.


Museums Use Mobile Apps to Enrich and Personalize Visitor’s Experience

Mobile apps have become a vital part of the day-to-day life. Why should museums stay behind! Many museums and other social intuitions are being influenced by the technology as it has become a success factor and help them to stay connected with the visitors.


Bring Your Museum’s Membership Cards on the Mobile Device

Members enjoy incredible privileges in museums and other institutions. Why not try an eMembership program for them! Sounds interesting?


Mobile Tour Guide Platform: MuseumAnywhere helps Museums engage visitors using Mobile Technology

Today, each and everyone are glued to their smartphones and this isn’t really astonishing as mobile phone and application has become an important part of people’s lives. There are applications available in the app store that has helped people in making their lives easier.


How eMembership card enhances member’s experience and generate revenue at the same time

Have you ever thought how museums can generate revenue by providing eMembership cards to their members? For museums creating a digital experience for their members can not only provide immense benefits to the members but they can also leverage the digital membership card to generate revenue. A plastic membership card can get lost in the clutter and easily forgotten.


How iBeacons can add interactivity to Museums

iBeacons for museum offers an opportunity to provide experience to your visitors like never before. Many museums have started using beacons to enhance visitor interactivity with the museums.


How museums can make use of the apps to grow and stay connected with the audience

Museums are going mobile these days and the benefits are numerous. As we are in the beginning stretch of 2018, we are here to announce museum app development with CMS (Content Management System) to help museum grow and stay connected with the audience.


Share Your Museum Collection Online through Mobile App

Museums have always been an amazing place to visit for the people of all the age groups. Right from the children to adults, everyone feels excited to get into the museum as there are end numbers of things to explore. But sometimes people tend to leave certain areas of the museum.


Science Center App by MuseumAnywhere

The time your visitors enter the science museum, it is a moment of excitement for them as they can grasp the things clearly, and all the more it is actually beneficial for the children as they tend to learn fast as virtual impact has always been successful when it comes to learning.


Museum Apps – A Smart Easy Solution for your Visitors.

We all know that museums have always been a source of information and knowledge for the visitors as it hosts several art pieces, structures, artifacts and paintings which depicting famous historical figures or real world objects.


Know how Digital Membership Cards for Museums can Improve the Membership Renewal

Museums face a lot of challenges when it comes to sending emails and other reminders to their members. Earlier the person in charge of the museum had to make the list and then drop membership renewal reminder through mail or electronic mail to the members. But these were the old process of staying connected with the members. Technology automation has made things easier for the museums.


Mobile App for Zoo Museums and Science Centers

We all know how mobile apps have taken a consistent huge spike in the past few years. With the mass adoption of technology zoos, aquariums and other museums are finding that they can also offer the same experience as larger institutions.


Photo Archive Online by Museum Anywhere

The use of technology has become a core part of the museums and with it, Photo Archive Online has made it possible to displays a rich and expanding collection of photos from the museums. Photo Archive Online by MuseumAnywhere brings your photo archive to life!


Sharable Guest Passes: For Social-Networked Society

Guest pass is a standard benefit most museums, science centers and other institutions give to their members. Typically it requires sending paper guest passes to members and it requires that member be present when the guest pass is used. The objective is to leverage current members to bring in new people who may potentially become a member.


Mobile App with iBeacon technology in Museum

In an increasingly online world, more and more people are turning to smartphone and tablet usage in their day-to-day activities. In the sense, making the cultural materials relevant to people’s lives prove to be especially demanding. Keeping this in mind, we have used ibeacon solutions for the museums.

museum 33

Digital Membership cards from your Altru System

Museums are both necessary and relevant today as it includes art, history, science centers, zoos, aquariums, nature centers, historic sites for conserving, protecting and displaying artifacts from our past and thus preserving our rich heritage which might otherwise be lost to private collectors or with time itself.


Improvise the Learning & Teaching Experience -Teacher App for Museum

The growing technology has made its foray into the education through the revolutionary smart class concept which imparted the Audio/Visual dimensions to the education sector.


Member Fast Lane Kiosk by Museum Anywhere

Standing in long queues becomes increasingly stressful for the visitors as it involving a lot of check-in formalities. To avoid making the process hassle-free both for you and your members, Museum Anywhere has introduced Member Fast Lane Kiosk aiming at enhancing the members experience at every turn and provide advantages that we believe will reduce cases such as waiting times, and minimize crowding- all while creating a platform for an ever more personalized experience for your members.


Benefits of eMembership Cards for Museum

Museums and many other cultural institutions are being redefined in the digital age. Shouldn’t membership card evolve as well? So we would like to talk about our product that will help you to modernize the membership. eMembership card on member’s phone is generated from Altru, Raiser’s Edge, PatronManager, DonorPerfect, Raiser’s Edge NXT and Fundly CRM software or any other membership system.

Visitor Sign-in Kiosk by Museum Anywhere

Are you getting analytics on what brought a person in your museum? Are you leveraging opportunities for expanding membership base? With the increasing museum activities taking place in the digital realm, museums and other institutions are faced with many challenges of developing an effective way to define, measure and evaluate the ongoing activities and by this, we mean a complete analytics on what is happening around in the museum.

Historic Site App by Museum Anywhere

Historic Sites have always been exciting as it communicates the early history of decades or even centuries. The visitors are very keen to know about the past history and it also helps the students to develop a good sense of historical knowledge.

Get Education App for Museum

Over the years, there has been an immense influence of technology on children and education. With the coming of smartphones, the form of education has changed and now education has been made possible in every house.

Digital Membership Card by Museum Anywhere

In the hustle and bustle of life we all at some point on time have forgotten to carry the most important stuffs along with us and this turns out to be more frustrating when you have reached the final destination.

How a mobile application is beneficial for Museums?

What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the word ‘museum’? Art and painting, structures, antique stuffs, right? It has always been a source of knowledge and information for the visitors.


Digital Membership Cards by MuseumAnywhere

What’s in our wallet? Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Drivers Licence, Health Insurance Card, Auto insurance card and more! Simplify life for your members.

Museum Collection Online

Most Museums, Historic Sites, Art Galleries, Science Centers have more artifacts than they can put on display. Space is usually biggest constraint and a limited number of artifacts can be displayed at a time.

Blackbaud Technology Partner

MuseumAnywhere becomes a Technology Partner of Blackbaud, Inc. Our E-Membership Cards and Member FastLane solutions integrate with and extend Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge and Altru capabilities.

Teacher App for field trips

Teacher App is an Education App for Museum, Science centers and others. Your Teacher App allows planning of the trip to your facility, provides age appropriate suggestions of interactives.

E-Membership cards from your Blackbaud Altru system

Provide E-Membership Cards on your members smartphones! Electronic cards are huge convenience to members.

Things you must do before Raisers Edge to Altru Migration

As museums move from onsite systems to hosted platforms like from Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge (RE) to Altru, there are certain considerations that will ensure smooth your transition.

Social Media Hub

A Social Media Hub is an exquisite addition to any kind of website on the internet. Whether an individual is preparing to run his or her current hash tag campaign or simply trying to create a commercial website that promotes fans with commercial products, a social media hub is the best way to connect with both present and upcoming brand enthusiasts.

Intelligent Messaging -Advanced Add-on

The term “intelligent Messaging’’ has quite a complex meaning, in relation to a computer’s ethics definition, to begin with; it can be defined as a historic messaging system, that was initially introduced by Banyan Systems, that ran its course through NetWare and VINES servers,

Advanced add-ons of museum app development

Museum Anywhere is a partition of InfiCare Technologies a source of IT solutions and amenities to the government, non-profit and commercial customers in United States, Central and South America, Europe and Asia for about 14 years.


Handheld and mobile tours are made simple and on your fingertips nowadays. There are many scientific organizations that make and create these apps for museum maps and tours. Nowadays maximum people carry smartphones and so the preference of apps is very high.


Other than expecting people to use web browsers, type URLs and spend a lot of extra time, it is far better to carry the museum in everyone’s pocket. We are talking about customized museum apps.


Museum app development with CMS deals with developing several mobile apps or open-source browsers or other such things by the consortiums of certain museums.

Museum App Development

In modern times, if there is one thing that comes to mind first as the jaw dropping platform that has solely changed the whole essence of museum experience for museum lovers throughout the world, it is nothing other than today’s social applications or apps and their progress through the smart phone network.


Museum Association Annual Conference, Birmingham UK

MuseumAnywhere team is looking forward to exhibiting at Museum Association Annual Conference and Exhibition Nov 5 and 6 in Birmingham, UK. Visit us in Booth# 33 in the main exhibition hall.


Western Museum Association Annual Conferance

Looking forward to presenting some of the new products for Museums at WMA event in San Jose CA later this month. Come by and see us in booth #4


AAM Annual Conferance

Museum Anywhere/InfiCare Technologies booth at American Alliance of Museum Annual Conference in Atlanta


AAM Show 2015

It was great exhibiting at AAM Anuual Conference in Atlanta. Museum App was received very well.

Can Smartphone Apps Increase Museum Visitors?

Museums inspire a world of endless learning. With the use of specifically tailored and fashioned museum apps on a visitors smartphone or tablet, the learning does not need to end when they walk out of the door.

App Creates Ultimate Museum Experience

With fully customizable features, the new app allows curators and visitors alike to enrich their museum experience.