We don’t have WiFi in the Museum so what good will this app be?

Our Museum App does not even need Cellular internet or WiFi in the museum! These App Features work without Wi-Fi and without internet

1. Museum Landing Page, What’s New.

2. Gallery view of Exhibits.

3. When you touch any Exhibit picture, it expands with details of that exhibit item.

4. Marking and saving in Favorites any of Exhibits, Events or Exhibitions.

5. Events info, detailed Events info, Event Pictures, dates and timings.

6. Exhibitions info, detailed exhibition info, Exhibition pictures, dates and timings.

7. iBeacons integration works and allows Gallery items to re-sort so ones nearest to the visitor show up on the top of the Gallery View.

8. Trivia with scratch off answers.

9. Turn any Exhibit into a picture puzzle to solve.

10. Ticket info, Hours and Holidays.

11. Museum address, phone.

12. Touch to call Museum.

13. Museum Floor Maps.

14. Gift Shop.

We already have a responsive site Why do I need my Museum App?

The connection to visitor and those who download App is way stronger with Museum App. It’s an active medium not passive site. Once a person leaves your website, he is gone. At least until he makes a conscious effort to open a web browser, type your URL and come to the site again. Using website, you can’t prompt them with messages nor can you make them come back.

With Museum App, once someone downloads, it’s in their phone for long term. You can send them notifications and as users share exhibits/exhibitions, events on Facebook, twitter or via email and that brings amazing publicity.

Our Museum App is designed to be one fifth the size of typical App. It is also way faster than any mobile-optimized website. Announcements of new content, events and exhibitions help in fundraising, visitor counts, getting volunteers. App will also help reduce costs of printing Museum Maps and brochures.

How do I justify the cost?

Visitor experience is significantly enhanced using the app. App serves up content based on where visitor is and adds audio, video and slideshows to the visitor experience. Gamification features and notifications keep people interested in Museum. App is a powerful way to connect with the users and will help build the connection and thereby help increase memberships, visitor counts, volunteers and fundraising.

Why would someone download it?

People love to have the information on the fingertips. Its much easier to browse through an app flicking pages than deal with a website. App is way faster than any website. 90% features of our custom app as well as VisitorView App work without internet and we built these apps using native iOS and Android code resulting in fastest possible response. We have added gamification features like trivia with scratch off answers, icons to turn any artifact into puzzle etc.

What will iBeacons do for my Museum?

iBeacons or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons open up amazing capabilities. As visitor walks around the museum, Gallery View in our app changes and Exhibits closest to them, their pictures and info automatically sort to the top of the view. Also icons appear for any multimedia like audio, video or slideshow attached to those. iBeacons can also be very useful when you have multiple buildings or outdoor exhibits as well. iBeacons also make possible Intelligent Messaging to visitors based on where they are in the museum. Some of the features be automatically activated when visitor is in the museum.

Who is going to put in the content?

When you start with us, we will customize with your branding, logo,fonts and colors. Then we will also load content like Museum info, address, ticket info, timings, museum maps, phone numbers etc.
We will even put in initial Exhibitions and Events from your website to have you up and running quickly. Gallery items are typically entered by the Museum using Admin Portal access. You can provide us bulk files and we will import those in for no charge. No technical knowledge is required for using portal to add/update/activate/deactivate. Any changes you activate or notifications you send, they are pushed to live app in real time.

Our collection changes several times…

As your collection changes you can activate or deactivate any item from Admin Portal and there is no need to delete and enter it again when it comes up next time.
If you opted for integration with your Collection System, that activation/deactivation can happen automatically as you switch the flag in your Collection system.

Do I need to hire you for content changes?

Our system is architected in such a way that it’s very easy for you to make changes on the portal and those show up in the App right away. We do offer content updates where we will take care of everything from adding, deleting, changing content for you.

My needs and budget are limited. I don’t need all these features.

Most features are designed in a modular fashion and we can turn on-off any tabs you don’t need. We can also very easily change the titles, headings etc. If you are looking for an inexpensive option and do not belive you need an separate independent custom app of your own, we also offer VisitorsView App. This is a multi-museum app.

Sounds great. But I want MORE!

Let us know what you would like. It may be a customization, new feature or functionality or a new way to present. We will do that.