Have people carry your museum in their pocket!
  • Way faster than any mobile-optimized responsive website
  • Increase visitor counts for the Museum, Events and Exhibitions
  • Features to help fundraising, memberships
  • Enrich visitor experience with videos, audio, slideshows relevant to artifacts
  • Social login and share on Facebook, Twitter
  • Targeted In-App Push-Notifications help build connection
  • Reduce costs of printing Membership cards, Maps, brochures
  • Multilingual App – Connect in the language of the visitor
  • CMS portal included! Quickly add, update, activate, deactivate content.
With Museum App you get a feature-rich, highly customizable app with innovative features that visitor services, curators, marketing, membership and fundraising love.
Museum App Like No Other
  • Showcase your best/new artifacts in Gallery View of the App to peek visitor interest
  • Video, audio, slideshow icons appear on Gallery items for enriching visitor experience
  • Multi-lingual App. Connect in the language of your visitors
  • Touch heart icon to mark any artifact, exhibition or event Favorite
  • Tickets, hours and Gift shop info
iBeacon Integrations Already Done
  • iBeacon Technology to serve up most relevant content based on where visitor is
  • Gallery view App changes in real time as visitor walks around
  • Additional multi-media content comes alive for nearest exhibits
  • Intelligent, logic-based push notifications as well as custom notifications to visitors
Connect and Outreach for lasting relationships.
  • Send push-notification of announcements and events to App users
  • Electronic Membership Cards available within App
  • Donate Money and Donate artifacts/item for Annual Auction from within App
  • Broadcast your open Volunteer opportunities info within the App
  • Easily update and change content through CMS portal
Social Media integrations available out of the box!
  • Share any Exhibit, Exhibition info, Event info via email, Facebook or twitter
  • Attach YouTube video link to exhibits and play within your Museum App
  • Social Media hub page option to capture your Museum related social chatter
Gamification Features To Engage Visitors & Users
  • Engage App users with interesting Trivia with scratch-off feature to see the answers
  • Touching Puzzle icon below any exhibit turns it into Exhibit Picture Puzzles with timer
Maps that work!
  • Live Directions with Google Map Integration within Museum App
  • “Where is My Car Parked?” feature to quickly get back to the vehicle
  • Real-time Map with custom layers for museums with large number of buildings and outdoor exhibits