The typical historic site has a story of spans decades or even centuries. The key challenge is to have visitor re-live that era and experience the chronology of events with pictures, narratives and more. Historic site App from MuseumAnywhere is custom designed for your site and handles that very well. It will have a top bar with buttons/icon for logical time periods. Touching those creates peel off animation and changes the content on the screen to what’s relevant to that era. Pictures with videos, audio, text, slideshow icons for that era will come alive! Cost and options: We offer a custom app solution that can either be purchased or you can pay a subscription with the option to buy it later. For small historic houses and sites, we offer a very affordable VisitorView App which is a multi-museum App at annual subscription cost as low as $1,000/year.

Analytics: We provide you rich analytics on where visitors are spending the most time on, what they have marked as favorite, what are they sharing on social media and more.

CMS Integrated with APP: Historic site app includes a CMS portal for quickly updating any content. Integrated CMS significantly lowers your Total Cost of Ownership as you do not need to pay a developer every time something changes or need to be added or removed.

Birds-eye-view map: As visitors walk around, they will see where they are and using GPS and ibeacon technology, relevant content for that area shows up. The map will also have markings so by touching those, the visitor can view what that area has. This helps when a visitor needs to make a decision whether to walk to that far end or not.

Location-based Audio, Video, Slideshow content: Some content is made available to all who download the app. This helps peek their interest and make them want to visit. However, App is designed in a way that certain content will not come alive unless the person is actually on your site.

Events Page: Events page will show events, pictures, dates and timing and detailed description. This is easily updated through CMS portal

Donations: App makes it easier to donate. It can link your site to electronic payment or have in-app payments and also have postal mailing of donations.

Push Notifications: Your staff will be able to send push notifications. These could be special events or other info to keep people engaged, to prompt them to talk about it with friends, colleagues and family and spread the word or visit again.

Social Login: App has an option for Facebook and Twitter login (and also option to use without login).

Social Share: The app includes providing visitor easy way to share app picture on Facebook and Twitter. As anyone shares a picture, your historic site tag is automatically inserted by App. This feature will have a tremendous multiplier effect on your marketing.

App Downloading and Offline content App will be designed to work online as well as offline without the need for Wi-Fi or Cellular data. Visitors can download App from App Store or Play Store for free prior to coming or as they arrive.

More Features Included

  • Opening and closing hours and Days closed
  • Ticket Info: Categories and prices
  • Physical Address with live map
  • Website URL link
  • Phone: With touch to call
  • Live Directions to your site
  • Detailed info on best ways to get to your site
  • FAQ section