Bring Your Collection to Smartphones from TMS or Other Systems.

Get a Smartphone App to showcase your collection! The app works on iPhones, Android Phones, iPads and Tablets. Our solution integrates with your TMS Collection Systems. If we do not already have the integration to another Collection system that you use, we will build that for you. Collection App will be placed in Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free download by the public.

Analytics module available for Museum staff. Analytics on artifacts that are Most Viewed, Most Shared, Most Favorite etc.

Customized with your museum name and branding.Search Collection by Artists, Categories, Culture & moreAbility to push items into Favorites lists and those can be stored for later.
Control what artifacts will be made available in Collection AppAdvanced Search capability on multiple criteria at the same time.Recall Favorites and add/remove items that were short-listed.
Control what type of info related to artifacts will be made available.Detailed description and other info on artifactsFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social share.