MuseumAnywhere works with Museums, Zoo, Science Centers, Botanical Gardens and other membership organizations (hereinafter “Institution”) to provide digital membership cards, digital tickets, coupons and other services on smartphones (“Service”) to Institutions’ members (“You” “Member” or “Members”).

For providing Members the Service of a digital membership card on their mobile devices through eMembership Card app or directly through a link, your Institution provides us a sub-set of member information from the membership system used by the Institution. Information we receive is used for validating and access to download eMembership Card. Your info is not used by us for any purpose other than to provide the Service. Data shared with us is used per terms of the agreement with Institution to provide Service. We do not sell, rent or share information with third parties.

Location info: When eMembership Card app is opened, it uses the device location information to sort Institution tiles so the Institutions nearest shows up on top of the list without need to scroll several pages to find it. However, MuseumAnywhere app does not save location information nor does it transmit that to us. The Institution location link in the eMembership Card app is for use by the Member to get directions. However, for directions, eMembership Card app only provides the institution’s address to map application on that smartphone. Your location is determined by your mapping application on your smartphone and is not transmitted to MuseumAnywhere servers.
Certain Institutions may have auto pop-up of eMembership wallet card or Ticket when a Member arrives in or near the institution. This is provided to assist Member to quickly access eMembership Card. However, MuseumAnywhere is not tracking your location all the time. That pop up is a functionality built into Apple Wallet and Google Pay pass or the functionality is there due to use of beacon technology installed in the Institution. We may log that arrival information in our system and communicate with Institution’s systems.

In addition to renewal reminders, eMembership Card app may be used by the Institution to send its members notifications of events and other messages, If notifications are turned off by you on your device, they will show up within the App when app is opened. We do not manage notification content nor frequency of those messages and will not be responsible for messages sent by Institution to Members. Your sole remedy is to contact the Institution who sent the notification message.

When required by law, we will provide specific information stored by MuseumAnywhere. By using Service or the eMembership Card product you agree to above policy and any changes that may be made and posted on our website. If you do not agree to above policy, your sole remedy is to request your Institution to remove your information. Your Institution can then take steps so the information no longer is accessible, stored by MuseumAnywhere.