I like that members are able to carry their membership with them at all times, so they don’t need to worry about another paper card. I like the platform for Museum Anywhere and how I can see everyone who has downloaded their cards and when.


“Great Value and Service”
Teaching people to download their cards is super easy and most people catch on quickly with very little instruction. The customer service is some of the quickest and best that I have received by a third party service.


So far we’re seeing a high level of acceptance to the eMembership card.
MuseumAnywhere worked with us to create a way to automatically issue one-time use
“gift-able” guest passes (all of our membership levels receive a minimum of 2 guest passes.)
They also set up a way for our admission’s staff to log-in and scan the passes when they are used.
The passes can be “gifted” via text message and email. The ability to issue guest passes for a single individual is a nice feature.
Being able to see who has downloaded the eMembership card is most helpful as is the “reset” feature.

Dave Judy

Things have been going very well with our e-membership process. Thanks for all your help

Barbara Basten

You guys are so responsive and willing to take care of every things for us. Thumbs up from our end!

D Adams

Re LiveMedia Hub display on HD projector in Anchorage Museum Lobby:  “this is really great.  I’ve been watching people and they are memorized by it.  It holds their attention.”

I think it (LiveMediaHub) looks fabulous,