Museums inspire a world of endless learning. With the use of specifically tailored and fashioned museum apps on a visitors smartphone or tablet, the learning does not need to end when they walk out of the door. The museum experience can be taken with visitors wherever they go, and with the use of an app they can also receive the latest updates about new exhibits, upcoming special events or even discounts and great offers exclusive for app users; which is a great incentive to get them to continually have the app installed.

The primary aspect of a truly memorable and enjoyable museum experience is about allowing visitors to engage and interact with exhibits. Mobile app technology specifically fashioned to provide museum content can aid visitors to think in new ways and allow them to engage with different perspectives that they may not have originally had access to at the physical exhibit. Nevertheless, it is fundamental that museum mobile apps should also be able to meet the users needs for the app to be easy to use and provide intuitive interaction, both in and out of the museum.

  • Interaction with a museum through the use of an app and iBeacon technology. Mobile phone interactiveness, when done well, can engage museum visitors in prolonged and active learning experiences of incredible depth and duration that can continue way beyond the walls of the museum and even into the visitor’s own home, which they may begin to share the museums content and app with friends and family members. To achieve full interactiveness from museum visitors an app has to be linked to the exhibition’s content and can also be linked to the museums physical environment through iBeacons. The aspect of an interactive exhibit can encourage visitors to play and learn.
  • Trivia is a great way to keep visitors involved. When it comes to gamification, trivia style interaction is incredibly popular. But with any museum trivia, they need to be easy and friendly to use and should include plenty of interesting information. Trivia needs to be fun first, with education coming second. This will ensure that the visitor is kept entertained and involved.
  • An affordable and easy solution to keep museums connected with their visitors. With an app from MuseumAnywhere Museum app museums can expect to receive a app they can buy or with a monthly subscription. Once the museum specific content is loaded and placed on the AppStore and PlayStore, it is entirely free for the visitors to download and use.

With the use of an app tailored with museums in mind, visitors can simply ?favorite? any particular exhibitions that they found useful or enjoyed the most. Museums can also advertise their services, offers, exhibitions, features and much more through Museum app, which means while visitors are at home, or on their daily commute to work, museums can simply send updates with the latest events, news, offers and information directly to them.

Get through to museum visitors no matter the language. No matter where a museum visitor is from, language is no longer a problem or barrier. Museum app from InfiCare Technologies offers language modules in Spanish French and other languages so App user can easily switch from one language to other. This is far easier for foreign visitors and those comfortable with other languages to understand and learn more clearly and effortlessly.

With push notification and announcements of new events, exhibits, membership drives a smartphone Museum app builds the connection with visitors and coming back with friends and family.

About Author:

Sumer Mathur is President of InfiCare Technologies in Dulles VA. MuseumAnywhere division focuses solely on museum Apps and cool products for museums. Museum app is available for iphones, ipads, andoid phones and tablets.