Museums are amongst the most revered institutions all around the world. Whether it be an art, zoo or historical and cultural museum, all of them have been serving the community for years. Although some of the museums are the small and mid-size while some are really big. So here comes the challenge which the museums have been facing for a long time. What is that the level of expectations and the level of complexity that come along with large museum? Let’s discuss what these obstacles are-

Old vs. Young Generation-

We asked our clients regarding the same concern and we came across how because of different age groups, conveying a sense of inclusiveness becomes a bit difficult. These include animating and attracting the millennials while also assisting the older generations.

Too much to spend-

Being a museum owner you must be well aware of how much it is spent right from engaging the target audience or with the membership programs. So how about implementing a solution in your museum that can help you save recurring costs of outsourced mail-house or internal costs of printing, stuffing envelopes, mailing, supplies and staff time? Sounds great, right!


Living in the age where businesses are depended more on the technology, it’s high time that museums need to embrace technology as a vehicle for speaking or attracting the target audience without totally forgetting the old ways of presenting the artifacts.

Museums aren’t the same as they used to be twenty, ten or say suppose a few years back. Many museums have already embraced the technology and are doing excellent in serving the audience by meeting their desires. Let’s see how you too can adopt the technology and witness the wonders in your museum-


Technology has bridged the communication gap-

The essential of any museum is to be able to effectively communicate with its audience. If you have been facing the same issue, then here we are with a customized museum app that can help you stay connected with your audience. With an app, museums are able to better maintain the PR activity which was somewhat missing earlier or you can say museums used to miss out staying connected with some of the regular visitors. But now the problem has been resolved as the app has the push-notification feature that allows you to send regular or occasional updates to the users regarding any upcoming events or exhibitions. Displaying the artifacts in the app lets the user mark it as ‘favorite’ which they can share it on the Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) with their friends.

Let your visitor’s experience the personalized tour at museums!

Lets you Connect in the language of visitor-

Perhaps the most important thing you must be wishing for is to effectively and deeply connect with the multilingual audience. So here you go! Apps developed at MuseumAnywhere are ‘multilingual’ which lets the user experience the artifact in their desired language.

Membership program has now become digital-

Last but not the least; technology has made the membership program much convenient. A few years back we discussed it with some of the museums regarding the problems faced by the membership program. We came across, how the museum staffs used to find it difficult to manage the renewal of the membership cards or to remind the members of their card expiry. They had to spend hours on phone calls and other stuff.

But thanks to the technology… as it has made the tasks easier for our museum clients. We came up with ‘digital membership card’ solution for museums has automatic renewal reminder which starts notifying the members 60 days prior to the expiry. The frequency could also be customized by the museums.

So museums, let your member now carry their Membership Cards on their smartphone.

Museum Collection becomes easy to display!

Museum possesses more artifacts than they can present in their own galleries or in the exhibitions. So the mobile collection app is here to solve your problem wherein you can present your museum collection on the smartphones which makes it easier for you to share the images to your audience. Not just this but you can also get a proper analytics on what is marked favorite and shared on the Social Media by your audience.

There are a lot more features that we haven’t covered here. If you wish to know more or get the above solution implemented in your museum, then talk to our expert at or call 703.652.6630.