The term “intelligent Messaging’’ has quite a complex meaning, in relation to a computer’s ethics definition, to begin with; it can be defined as a historic messaging system, that was initially introduced by Banyan Systems, that ran its course through NetWare and VINES servers, that was further accompanied by an incorporated popular directory service from Banyan’s, known as Street talk. In simple terms, Intelligent Messaging contained a basic mail program, which could be further advanced to the more integrated Beyond Mail system. There are several brands or companies that further the cause of Intelligent Messaging in a world wide fashion.

The main purpose or aim of the concept of Intelligent Messaging is to bring together all the various texts or messages and alerts of a user into an easily manageable solution or outcome. As a result, by following such an efficient prophecy that Intelligent Messaging has to unfold, an individual is able to fulfill or rather benefit from his efforts of reducing his or her overall Information Technology costs, that otherwise, is sure to be an irritating burden to carry on. To be precise, a two way communication is established between a user and his or her fellow beloved companions.


Intelligent Messaging can also be achieved by means of a fax featuring facility. For instance, by implementing the fax featuring facility, an individual is able to access his or her mailbox and go through all his or her messages or e-mails. Moreover, the fax featuring facility also enables a user to play any audio or video containing message. To add to its cause, the purpose of Intelligent Messaging can is enhanced even further through its fax featuring facility, for an individual is also able to simply record and send a message to any other user of his or her choice.

Intelligent Messaging, being a two way actionable conversation, enables the customers or its users, to interact or communicate with new customers, which in return, leads to the birth of new conversations between them. It enables to decrease costs of smarter interaction. Intelligent messaging is very essential for a user to decrease the chances of any kind of fraudulent activity by restricting use of any unauthorized monetary account or card. Intelligent Messaging is a user friendly concept because it can be implemented on any device or channel. Any kind of call-centre payments is generally reduced through the provisions of effective communication.

By utilizing Intelligent Messaging, an individual finds it very easy to simplify his or her messaging network service. Not only that, Intelligent Messaging is enriched in a large set of magnificent features. For instance, a user can manage and create alerts in his or her self preferred way that eventually suits the individual’s business activities. There is also the possibility of a multi-channel delivery system. Also, the presence of a complete suite of alert aggregation is tremendously beneficial to the customer’s requirements; be it online banking alerts or bill pay alerts, increase alert procedures provide a conventional powerful service channel.