Most Museums, Historic Sites, Art Galleries, Science Centers have more artifacts than they can put on display. Space is usually biggest constraint and a limited number of artifacts can be displayed at a time. Museum Collection Online integrates with your Collection System it allows you to showcase your artifacts creatively on your own website, thereby making it available for audiences across the world to see. MuseumAnywhere team has already built integration connectors to TMS collection management software that can be integrated with any other collection management system. Museum Collection Online will increase visibility as well as awareness and attract students, educators, researchers and public to your website. In addition, this Online Collection generates rich analytics of most viewed, most popular and most shared objects, thereby helping you with your future plans. Here are some interesting features of Museum Collection Online:

  • Easily connects to your existing collection system: TMS integration is already built. We can integrate with your collection management software.
  • You can bring an artifact online, right from your existing Collection Management System controller: You get to decide the type of objects/artifacts and related information is to be made available on your website.
  • Provides advanced web search capability: Users get multiple ways to narrow down the results to get what interests them the most.
  • Social media integration: Visitors can log in to your Collection Online website through their
    Facebook and Twitter accounts. They can also scroll through your content without logging in.
  • Ability to push objects into Favorites: It allows visitors to push the items they like into their respective favorite lists. They can recall this list at any point in time.
  • PDF Reports Capability: It allows visitors to download a PDF file containing information and image of any object they like. This feature can be restricted based on your museum’s policy
  • Museum Analytics: Museum Collection Online provides you with visitor stats and behaviors. It also provides you with relevant data that you can use to assess the popularity of your displays on a more granular basis.

Our Museum Collection Online solution is very cost-effective, innovative and feature rich as compared to other solutions from Collection Management Systems. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today for a demo and bring your museum collection to your website now!