Museums are going mobile these days and the benefits are numerous. As we are in the beginning stretch of 2018, we are here to announce museum app development with CMS (Content Management System) to help museum grow and stay connected with the audience. Not just this but it also enhances the visitor’s as well as the museum’s experience with a dynamic application that works on all the platforms (smartphones, iPad and tablet).

So what basically CMS do?

CMS is divided into two parts CMA (Content Management Application) helps the content manager to handle the modification, removal or creation of content without the help of a developer even if he does not know the HTML programming knowledge. CDA (Content Delivery Application) on the other hand helps to modernize the application.

The apps developed at MuseumAnywhere have the CMS portal included which makes it easier for the museums to quickly add, update, activate, and deactivate the content.

Our app development solution comes up with a variety of features that visitor’s service, curators, marketers and members will love. Let’s see what they are:

iBeacon Technology integration within the app!
  • The technology helps the museum to serve up the most relevant content based on where the visitor is
  • Additional multi-media content pops up on the screen as soon as the visitor comes near the exhibits
  • Intelligent, logic-based push notifications as well as custom notifications to visitors
  • Immediately recognize which room your visitors are in and starts displaying information about the respective artifact
Out of the Box Social Media Integration!
  • The user can share any Exhibit, Exhibition info, Event info via email, Facebook or Twitter
  • Museums can attach YouTube video link to exhibits and play within your Museum App
  • Social Media hub page option to capture your museum related social chatter
Maps that work!
  • Live Directions to your visitors with Google Map Integration within Museum App
  • “Where is My Car Parked?” feature which becomes easier for the visitor trace the parking
  • Real-time Map with custom layers for museums with large number of buildings and outdoor exhibits
Outreach the visitors for long lasting relationships!
  • Museums can send push-notification related to the upcoming events and exhibitions
  • Digital Membership Cards available within App which makes the membership hassle-free
  • It’s easier to donate money and donate artifacts/item for annual auction from within app

An app can offer tremendous value to your museum and finding a solution that helps your business achieve its goals is important.

Think about it and if you want museum app development with CMS along with the above-mentioned features and more, write to us at or call 703.652.6630