Beacons in the museums allow personalized notifications and alerts on the visitor’s smartphone. With iBeacon integration within the mobile app or physical beacons, museums can leverage the technology immensely as it will give a clear analytics on where and how much time is spent by the visitor. This is one of the most exciting technologies so far to hit the audience in a clever and a creative way.

iBeacon technology in museum open the doors to engage the audience where it matters the most, benefiting both the visitor and the museum. With this in mind, here are a few tips from MuseumAnywhere team on how to maximize your visitors’ experience.

Keep your visitors above anything

We recommend you to keep your visitors first and also focusing on their needs. Don’t just use beacons for the sake of using it but think how much it is going to benefit you and your visitor in providing them artifact related information on his/her smartphone. This will help you to create a massive experience for your visitor and also help you in saving time, energy and costs.

Start from small

Beacons are relatively small, easy to install and affordable when compared to the other high-cost techniques. Initially, with one beacon, you can instantly reap the benefits of content delivery on the visitor’s smartphones. Today the beacon technology used by museums is a low-risk investment with many immediate benefits. So, as you learn how beacons have started working for you and your visitors, you can always add more beacons in the different sections of the museums.

Visitors look for options

Remember not all the visitors will have same preferences. Therefore, it is a must to keep in mind all the personas while designing the visitor’s engagement with the museum.

There might be some visitor’s who would enjoy the convenience of having content automatically delivered to them without needing to search for options. Some visitors may choose not to grant permission to their phone’s location. For that, it is important to provide a few options allowing your visitors to pick what is most convenient for them.

At MuseumAnywhere, it’s our goal to help you create a great experience for your visitor, all while saving you time and cost. We hope these tips will help you through the process of introducing iBeacon technology in the museum.

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