With beacon technology, now museums have got the opportunity to provide context to the audience like never before. Get mobile app with beacon technology developed at MuseumAnywhere which can help you to sense exactly where in the museum your visitor is. This will help the museum to get the right analytics which wasn’t possible earlier and museums had to face challenges.

All the more it is beneficial to your audience as they no more have to depend on the audio tour because beacon integration within the app will display the related information on his/her mobile screen as soon as they will come closer to the artifact and learning more about a particular painting. This advanced Bluetooth-enabled technology can deliver the perfect blend of physical as well as digital experiences directly to the user’s smartphones.

Museums can leverage this technology in order to gain the benefits which were previously not possible and it also helps in taking your museum to reach in the eyes of many people. Museums will have fast customer adoption as beacons will replace the traditional tools such as audio headsets, brochure or any other thing. Beacons will pinpoint the location with accuracy which makes it convenient for the visitor to enjoy the tour.

This technology is attracting the younger generation especially. Being technologically advanced the mobile app comes with enormous opportunities like gamification. Beacon-based mobile apps have broken the monotony by making the tour a fun and interesting for the visitors as it creates;

  • personalized interactions
  • improve visitor engagement, and
  • take content delivery to the next level

Beacons for the museum redefine your visitor experience by allowing each artifact to personally communicate with visitors. Our iBeacon (also known as BLE beacons) solution works on Apple as well as Android devices. One more added advantage is that WiFi/GPS are not needed.

MuseumAnywhere team has developed expertise in iBeacons and has successfully delivered mobile apps with iBeacon integration to our clients. If you too want to leverage the same solution then get in touch with us.

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