Museums have always been a place to serve the community with facts related to history, science, environment or animals. By adopting a technology, museums are not just allowing visitors and the members to use their mobile phones while browsing the artworks but encouraging it as well.

To provide digital experience museums aimed to enhance the physical experience of exploring the museum. This could be in any form, say suppose providing them experiences that they can access from their hand, whether it is a mobile app or digital membership card, yes you read that right! With MuseumAnywhere, you can enhance the member engagement by providing them a solution that lets them carry one less card in their wallet.

As per a research was done by our team members, we interviewed many museums professionals and we came across many answers which we weren’t aware of. Through our interaction, we learned that museums face abundant challenges and the opportunities. Some of them are;

  • issues in getting proper analytics on the number of visitor’s or the most hours spent by the visitors in the museum.
  • the tour guides unable to cooperate with the visitors speaking different languages.
  • missing to call out some of the members for renewal of the membership or update them about the upcoming events and exhibitions.


We at MuseumAnywhere have come up with the solution that best meets up the above-mentioned challenges. We bring forward to you customized museum app with iBeacon Technology and eMembership Card solution that has helped our clients in giving wings to many museums. Making the best use of technology can be leveraged to support transformative art experiences online as well as in the gallery. Museum no more have to look for ways as our team is here to assist you. Let’s take a quick look at how museums are adapting to digital age demands;

What can all a Customized Museum App do?

  • Way faster than any mobile-optimized responsive website
  • Social login and share on Facebook, Twitter
  • Increase visitor counts for the Museum, Events and Exhibition
  • Targeted In-App Push-Notifications help build connection
  • Reduce costs of printing Membership cards, Maps, brochure
  • Our solution lets you connect in the language of the visitor as the app developed by us is multilingual
  • CMS portal included which means you can quickly add, update, activate, and deactivate content.

What can all a Digital Membership Card do?

The Digital Membership Card can be integrated with Altru, Raiser’s Edge, Raiser’s Edge NXT and Fundly CRM or any other membership system that you have.

  • With eMembership your museum staff doesn’t have to spend much of their time on calling up for renewal reminder as our solution is smart enough and knows when the renewal date approaches.
  • Your members can add the card in the Apple wallet which means the membership card still remains if he/she uninstalls the app.
  • With quick e-delivery of membership card, your members don’t have to wait for another two-three weeks to get the renewed card.

Museums can work implement these solutions as a new way to view, experience, and even display artifacts online. To know more about a customized museum app or digital membership, write to us at or call 703.652.6630.