Museums are embracing digital innovation, what about yours?

Many museums and cultural organizations have seen vast technology changes over the years. Not just they keep members engaged through other online platforms but are making the best use of mobile technology. Here I am talking about Digital Membership Cards which is transforming the way members are accessing the card and leveraging benefits.

The success of every museum relies on community engagement and it is important to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape. So implementing eMembership Card solution in your museum can be a wise decision.

We all will agree to a point that without members, museums would be incomplete. Therefore, museums are learning and keeping themselves updated with the key trends, and respond to the changing behaviors and expectations of their members.

The key area on which museums must focus is the nature of their members. With the advent of the internet, the requirements and expectations have evolved and they want everything to be done within minutes. So why not provide them a solution that they can access right on their palm. The Digital membership card is smart enough as it comes with the facilities that your members have been waiting for and trusts me, they deserve this.

A strategic approach to bring enhancement in the membership card!

For industries, the digital transformation has become more like a necessity in order to walk along with the target audience and their demands. As such, there is no other option left, but to transform the digital membership process.

As such, we help museums to start thinking more strategically and take a similar approach to a new and enhanced way of providing membership card on their smartphone. Digital by its very nature it’s going to meet the museum objectives by letting the members enjoy immense benefits out of which few I have discussed below-

  • What happens when the card gets lapse? The members have to wait for another few days in order to get a renewed membership card. Isn’t it? But this is not the case with digital membership cards as it provides quick e-delivery of the card.
  • Museums staffs no more have to invest their time in calling up each member or sending e-mails for reminding them about their renewal of the card. The solution has automatic renewal reminder which starts notifying the members about the renewal 60 days prior to the expiry. The frequency could even by customized as per museum’s choice.
  • The solution is cost-effective and lets you cut down on mailing the card expenses. Not just this, but you can even save the recurring cost of outsourced mail-house or internal costs of printing, separating, stuffing envelopes and staff time.

Digital Membership Card is a strategic approach by MuseumAnywhere to help museums bring a little transformation for a good cause. Museums are really doing well by implementing this practice for their members.

So are you ready to grab the same solution? If yes, write to us at or call 703.652.6630.