Over the years, museums have been serving the community with a variety of facts and arts based on nature, history, science and more. But there have been times when people who wanted to visit the museums, couldn’t make it due to certain issues. There wasn’t any option left for the museums in which they could make their artifacts accessible to those audiences.

But, technology has made the tasks easier for every industry and museum is amongst them. Unlike the old gone days, today museums can present the art and paintings to the audience who are sitting far away and across the world. I am talking about, Collection Online with Analytics.

A solution by MuseumAnywhere team wherein you can bring up those artifacts which couldn’tbe displayed on the walls of the museums. This way you can keep your audience engaged as they can enjoy reading about the artifacts from any part of the word and from anywhere.

The collection online is designed in such a way that it integrates with your TMS collection System and can be quickly implemented on top of any other collection management system. Collection Online allows a large number of artifacts to be available on your website. In this way, the user who would visit your website can choose categories, themes, artists or other criteria to see what they are interested in.

Isn’t this amazing and convenient??

Please read ahead to explore more-

  • Earlier it wasn’t possible to keep a track on your audience and their preferences. But with the solution, you can get detailed analytics on the users. In the sense, how many users visited, who marked favorite and what has been shared on the Social Media.
  • The solution of bringing museum collection to the web is especially targeted for public, Educators, Students and Researchers.
  • With the CMS portal included, you can have the control over what will be made available on the web.
  • The feature of Social login integration (Facebook/Twitter) is provided. The user can even search without login.
  • Now this a smart approach. PDF Reports capability is available that lets the user download it and use it for further project or research purpose.

With this, I would end up. But there are a lot more points to earn about Collection Online with Analytics. If you wish to get it done for your museum, talk to our expert.