Imagine your audience stepping in the museum and experience the art and painting right in the palm of their hand. The location-based content being displayed on their mobile screen. Well, technology has rapidly made nearly everything possible. The access to not only the images and texts about collections but also to audio and video guides to let the audience get a whole new experience in the museum.

This is all possible with a Mobile Collection App for your Museum. The solution is an approach by MuseumAnywhere team, for the museums who want to extend their maximum reach to the audience and who aren’t just visiting the museum but also to them who aren’t capable of visiting due to certain issues.

Now showcase your museum collection with a smartphone!

Our solution is not just limited to one platform but works on iPhones, Android Phones, iPads and Tablets. So which one are you looking for??? Confused? Don’t worry; our experts will guide you. The Mobile Collection App integrates with your TMS Collection Systems. If we do not already have the integration to another Collection system that you use, we will build that for you.

So this was about how the solution can help you. Let’s read further to explore what the amazing features of the coaction app.

  • You can get the app and branding name customized as per your museum
  • The user can search for a Collection by Artists, Categories, Culture & more
  • The user will have the authority to push items into Favorites lists and those can be stored for later
  • With CMS Portal, you can control what needs to be made available in the app and what needs to be removed
  • The app has the Advanced Search capability on multiple criteria at the same time
  • Users can Recall Favorites and add/remove items that were short-listed
  • Social Media integration lets the user share any piece of information on their social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). This could perhaps help you in the indirect marketing

Summing up

So, readers, this is all about a Mobile Collection App. If you wish to get it developed for your museum, share your requirements with us.

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