We all are familiar with how a plastic membership card looks like; it does have the membership number, the name, and few other details of the member. I won’t deny, but would rather say that a plastic membership card is the best way to let your members flaunt about their membership or in other words we can even say, it is also beneficial in best representation of your organization’s brand.

But to look at the other side of a plastic membership card, we came across few museums and got to know the challenges they had to face on a daily basis. What are these challenges???

Hold on… as I’ll be discussing it further to make it clear why a digital membership card over plastic card can be beneficial for you and your members.

So, are you still printing and mailing the membership cards?

Searching membership for those who forget to bring the card?

Dealing out to send replacement cards?


Sending multiple reminders for renewal?

If you have been dealing with the above-mentioned challenges, then this blog will get you covered.

Go for Digital Membership Card that’s SMART!

  • With a digital membership card, your museum staffs no more have to spend time on sending the renewal reminder e-mails or calls. The automatic renewal reminder will itself start notifying the members 60 days (frequency can even be customized) prior to the expiry of the membership card.
  • Today, having the smartphones for 24×7 in the hand is not a matter to doubt about. When getting a digital membership card developed, there is no chance for the member to forget their card as they will have it in the palm. In the sense, museums don’t have search for the membership on their system.
  • Every now and then, museums have to deal with replaced cards when gets lost which takes both time and money. With a digital card, the risk to lose the card gets eliminated. In case if the card gets deleted or the app, the member can get it back with few clicks.
  • The plastic card remains constant with the color and font. But getting a digital card developed, you will have the leverage to change the look and feel of the app. Isn’t it cool?
  • The multilingual feature will let your members access the card in their own language, no matter where they belong to.

Summing Up-

So these were few of the points that I have mentioned above in regard to a DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD. If you want to get a break from the challenges that you and your museum staff have been facing, then let’s talk and solve it together by making the right use of the technology.


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