Over the years, there has been an immense influence of technology on children and education. With the coming of smartphones, the form of education has changed and now education has been made possible in every house.

Keeping the above concern in mind, we have designed education app for museum which is targeted for the school groups where the teacher can put in student lists, assign chaperones, quiz and group rankings with virtual trophies and teacher’s ability to collaborate with the Museum/Science-centers. It is helpful for both the teacher and the student.

Let’s have a look at how mobile application is beneficial for the teachers in education:

  • Teachers can create experiences for the students based on their age groups and difficulty levels.
  • The app will allow the teachers to include information on students and assign groups as well as track the student’s emergency contact info, photo-restrictions, medications, spending money, permission slip, ICE numbers and other key info.
  • The app includes a repository of age-appropriate questions and answers for chaperones that their group can answer.
  • Teachers can appoint a chaperone who will get the access to his/her personal dashboard to manage the assigned students. A Chaperone could also be the student’s any of the parents.
  • The education app for museum can help the teachers to create itinerary for the tour based on the interest of the students.
  • The gamification feature included in the app can help the students tend to learn faster as it makes learning a fun.
  • The app will facilitate the teachers to generate virtual trophies or certificates based on the performance of the students in the quiz.
  • Once the field trip is over, the teacher has the liberty to cancel the access of the chaperones.

A lot more points can be added which can help the teachers to make the learning process exciting and in managing the school trips in a better way. Are you excited to use the education app for museum or science center?

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