Historic Sites have always been exciting as it communicates the early history of decades or even centuries. The visitors are very keen to know about the past history and it also helps the students to develop a good sense of historical knowledge.

But how can you make all the information and facts reachable to your visitors? Museums have now been experimenting with technology for a number of years, so you cannot miss getting a historic site app developed for your museum too.

We have developed apps for museums by keeping the key challenge in mind which is to have visitors re-live that era and experience the chronology of events with pictures, narratives and more. Historic Site App from Museum Anywhere is custom designed for your site and makes sure to keep your visitors engaged. Below we will highlight how mobile application can benefit you and your visitors. Let’s see-

  • Let your visitors get the bird’s eye-view. As visitors walk around, they will see where they are and use GPS and ibeacon technology. With the help of maps presented in the application, the visitor can make a decision whether to walk to that far end or not.
  • The app helps your visitors to be updated with the event’s page that shows upcoming events, pictures, dates and timing and detailed description.
  • With the help of push notification you can remind your visitors that you haven’t forgotten. It helps to send them notification related to the exhibitions or other events or by sending them birthday wishes.
  • The app we develop work both online as well as offline without the need for Wi-Fi or Cellular data. Visitors can download the app from App Store or Play Store for free prior to coming or as they arrive.
  • The historic site app has the analytics which will help you to know about your visitor’s details, like what they are sharing on social media and where they are spending most of their time also what they have marked as their favorites.

Are you looking for your own historic site app? Yes, give it a try. Don’t worry we will get it done for you.

For further information or queries, you can reach us out at sales@MuseumAnywhere.com or 703.652.6630