The growing technology has made its foray into the education through the revolutionary smart class concept which imparted the Audio/Visual dimensions to the education sector. With it, mobile apps have ventured into educational apps and are found to be really effective as the students develop an interest in learning which ultimately increases the productivity and efficiency in terms of time. It helps the student of different age groups to grasp the lessons quickly.

To make the solution interesting we have come up with teacher app for museums which helps the teachers to put in student lists, assign chaperones, plan visit based on interests, estimate time that will be taken for the entire tour, quiz and group rankings with virtual trophies and teacher’s ability to collaborate with the Museum/Science-center.

The whole concept of introducing teacher app for museums by Museum Anywhere is to improve education and student-teacher relationship. Let’s see how it can be a beneficial;

  • The app is built with CMS which mean the content can be changed easily without the need of a developer.
  • The teachers can manage the field trip by arranging group quiz.
  • With the help of mobile application, the teachers can create experiences for the students based on their age groups and difficulty levels.
  • It is important for teachers to have all the basic information of the students before they go on for a museum visit or other trips. The app helps the teacher to include information on students such as student’s emergency contact info, photo-restrictions, medications, spending money, permission slip, ICE numbers etc.
  • Teachers can appoint a chaperone who will get the access to his/her personal dashboard to manage the assigned students. A Chaperone could also be the student’s any of the parents.
  • The teacher app for museum can help the teachers to create an itinerary for the tour based on the interest of the students such as science, natural world, history and community to your field trip.
  • The gamification feature included in the app can help the students tend to learn faster as it makes learning a fun.
  • The app will facilitate the teachers to generate virtual trophies or certificates based on the performance of the students in the quiz.

Our solution has helped the teachers to make the learning process exciting and in managing the school trips in a better way. And if you are looking to get teacher app for museum or science center developed reach us out at sales@MuseumAnywhere.com or call 703.652.6630