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Museums are both necessary and relevant today as it includes art, history, science centers, zoos, aquariums, nature centers, historic sites for conserving, protecting and displaying artifacts from our past and thus preserving our rich heritage which might otherwise be lost to private collectors or with time itself. Your members have to go through a long process at the counter, trying to wrangle and answering your greeting, while digging out their membership card.

With so many other cards in the wallet, your members might tend to end up with the checked-in madness. No one wants to enter a facility and feel immediately stressed or overwhelmed just trying to get in the museum.

Want to do something good for your members?

We have come up with digital membership cards for Altru system, where museums will be able to reward their members and reduce their wait time. By eliminating the need for a card at the museum we increase the understanding of all your members. Yes, the eMembership Cards appears on your member’s smartphones as it is a huge convenience to members.

MuseumAnywhere team has built connectors to Blackbaud Altru, Raiser’s Edge, Raiser’s Edge NXT and Fundly CRM software to provide eMembership cards or we can also integrate with the other membership systems.

Benefits of Digital Membership card for Altru

The eMembership card is designed to enhance your member’s experience. Let’s see few of the points how it can benefit them-

  • They will have their membership card on their smartphones which is simple as they don’t have to worry about having it handy.
  • Push notification can help your members to review exclusive discounts, upcoming events, and exhibitions.
  • Your members will get notified before/after the expiry date of the card which starts 60 days before the expiration so that they can renew it on time.
  • Member can access top right menu to see notifications, floor maps, FAQ’s, privacy policy etc.
  • Once the membership card approaches the date of its expiration, museums can benefit their members with quick e-delivery of new membership cards.
  • Navigate the museum with ‘Locate us’ option that gives you step-by-step live directions to reach the museum.

Talk to us and give your members an easy, cost-effective, welcoming, and simple experience. They will love becoming a member with a handful of benefits. Apart from this, the museums can experience benefits from the digital membership card for Altru as it cut down on expenses which include the printing cost, postage and mailing cost.

To know more about eMembership, reach us via email or call 703.652.6630