Museums are already for being the best place for innovation. But now as we are growing and mobbing forward for generations to come, we can see how many museums have already proven to be some of the most existing testing grounds for the technological advancements. Two of them are- a customized museum app and digital membership card. The museums are taking leaps to embrace the technology that will allow them to reap great benefits.

When we put our emphasis a little closer, technology opens a whole new dimension of possibilities. Museums are pushing the envelope with a customized museum app showcasing the technology’s potential through creative implementation such as the iBeacon Technology. They’re using the mobile technology for everything, right from bringing the collections that aren’t possible to display on the walls of the museum to bringing the membership cards on the member’s smartphone. This is not only helping museums to leverage the benefits, but is also providing seamless and magical experience to the visitors/members with limitless possibilities.

Let’s take a look-

Journeys into the museum with a mobile app

Have you ever thought about how providing personalized experience to your visitor can help your museum grow? With a mobile app, your visitor can simply step in the museum and can experience the art and sculptures like never before. iBeacon integration within the app can help the visitor get information related to the artifact right on their mobile screen. This means they don’t have to depend on the tour guide for information related to the art, painting or any sculpture. The journey in the museum is now made easy. What about your museum? Think about integrating the technology in your museum. It’s going to be beneficial as well as fun for the visitors.

Membership Card on the smartphone

Majority of your members spend their time on the mobile phones, so why not let them access the membership card on the smartphone itself. The Digital Membership Card comes with a lot of perks both for your museum as well as the members. In the sense, your museum staffs no more have to invest their time in sending e-mails reminding the members to renew the card. The solution in itself has the automatic renewal reminder that that notify the member of the mobile phones about the renewal of the membership card 60 days prior to the expiry.

There are more features and benefits associated with a customized museum app and a digital membership card. So are up and ready to embrace the technology? If yes then do connect with our expert to get a detailed info.

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