Did you know how convenient it would be for your visitor to view the information related to the artifact on their mobile phone itself? Museums have already started leveraging the mobile technology, HAVE YOU?

Don’t worry if you haven’t. The blog is going to cover it as I’ll be discussing what all a customized museum app can do for you.

Today in the fast pace of life where people are busy, they can hardly manage time to visit all the parts of the museum. So, keeping this concern in mind, we at MuseumAnywhere came up with a solution that is beneficial both for the museum as well as the audience.

So what all does the customized museum app have? We won’t keep you waiting for long. I have mentioned below the features that will help you understand how you can implement the practice to get more audience that can even lead to the brand promotion of your museum. Let’s read ahead….

  • Even though it’s a must for your museum to have a website, but getting a mobile app developed would be more convenient than a mobile responsive website.
  • With an app, you can increase visitor’s counts for the Museums, Events and Exhibitions.
  • Easily enrich visitor experience with videos, audio, slideshows relevant to artifacts.
  • The app will have the Social Login that will allow the visitors to share any information or picture of the art, painting or sculpture.
  • PR activity is now made stronger to help build the connection with ‘in-app push notification’ feature.
  • An app does help your museum staffs to reduce the cost of printing Membership Cards, Maps and brochures.
  • The app will make it simple and easy for your visitors belonging to different languages. In the sense, the app will be multi-lingual which would allow the visitor to use it in their desired language.
  • Last but not the least, the app developed by our experts has the CMS portal included, which allows you to quickly add, update, activate or deactivate the content whenever you wish to.

So these were the basic features of a customized museum app developed at MuseumAnywhere. There are many other exciting features which would be guided to you by our expert. Feel free to connect with us for any further queries.

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