As quoted by one of our clients- “For museums and cultural institutions, running a membership program has always been time-consuming particularly when a number membership related tasks are done manually by the museum staffs.”

Yes, technology does make the tasks easier but the most important thing is getting the right technology implemented that can benefit in a number of ways both to the museums as well as the members. That’s why we have Digital Membership Card solution that has helped our museum clients to enhance their membership process and can work for you as well in making the renewal reminder as well as delivery of the new membership card with one simple click.

Okay, before we proceed on to how digital membership can be beneficial let’s take a quick look at what are the challenges museums have to face with a plastic/physical card.

  • How many processes are you carrying out manually that could be automated?
  • Do you find it easy to communicate with your members?
  • Are you able to keep your members updated about the upcoming events and exhibitions or how sure you are if they open the e-mail?
  • Do you know how your members want to get the membership renewed?
  • How many calls are made to remind your members about the renewal of their membership?

These were some of them but there comes a lot of challenges that museum staffs have to face but with eMembership Card museums can Save the recurring costs of outsourced mail-house or internal costs of printing, separating, matching with the letter, stuffing envelopes, mailing, supplies and staff time.

Digital Membership Card has a lot that you can give to your members!

Calling up your members to remind them about the renewal can turn out to be a hectic thing for the museum staffs. Digital Membership comes with automatic renewal reminder that is received by your members on their smartphones. Push-Notifications can make life easier for both you and your members. You museum staffs have the leverage to compose customized message to send it to the members. This is perhaps a good way to improvise the PR activities. Not just this but you can also keep your members updated about the upcoming events and exhibitions.

Our solution has the up-sell module within the eMembership app can prompt your members to upgrade to next higher membership level

Isn’t that really cool?

If you too want to get digital membership card designed for your members or want to learn some for the feature then you can write to us at sales@MuseumAnywhere.com or call 703.652.6630.

Watch eMembership video and explore more: http://museumanywhere.com/emembership-card/