Teacher App

Over the decades the educational role of museums has increased worldwide. This blog intends to discuss the adequacy of a teacher app for museums and how it makes learning easier and fun both for the students as well as teachers.

What is the educational importance of a mobile application to teachers when visiting a museum?

Earlier when technology was not much into the scene, teachers had to face a difficulty in managing the students on the field trip. So MuseumAnywhere team thought of developing mobile application that best suits teachers wherein they can put student lists and assign different tasks to the chaperones.

App developed by us consist of the following-

You must be wondering how an app can bring transformation in the way learning used to be. This approach is for a good cause as it helps the teacher to maintain the record of the student’s right on their smartphones. Proceeding further, we will be discussing the features of the amazing Teacher App.

What makes it different from any other medium of learning?
With the help of an app, teachers can create experiences for the students based on their age groups and difficulty levels.

Is it possible to keep the track of the students?


The app will allow the teachers to include information on students and assign groups as well as track the student’s emergency contact info, photo-restrictions, medications, spending money, permission slip, ICE numbers and other key info.

Can the teachers rely on Chaperones?


The teachers can appoint a chaperone who will get the access to his/her personal dashboard to manage the assigned students. A Chaperone could also be the student’s any of the parents. Once the field trip is over, the teacher has the liberty to cancel the access of the chaperones.

What other features does the app have?

  • Teachers can create itinerary for the tour based on the interest of the students.
  • The gamification feature included in the app can help the students tend to learn faster as it makes learning a fun.
  • Teachers can generate virtual trophies or certificate based on the performance of the students in the quiz.


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