With the increasing number of smartphones and tablet usage, a majority of people are using their mobile phones to carry out the most of their day-to-day activities. This is one of the reasons why most of the museums have turned towards the mobile technology and are walking along with it. One suchthing which I am going to be discussing is the iBeacon Technology in the museum. So let’s watch out the perks that museums are enjoying by getting iBeacon technology integrated into the museums.

Affordable and Accessible Technology

The technology is a practical, scalable and cost-effective marketing solution which meets the needs of museums and many other cultural organizations. It reduces the stress and spares the curators from different complex audience management and updating of audio guides. Your museum visitors can now have the access to exhibits, as well as to timely information about upcoming events and exhibitions.

Provides a rich user experience

Who doesn’t like to get a personized experience? If I talk about myself I love exploring things and so is the case with your audience. With iBeacon you can let your visitors get a personalized and rich experience in the museum. Now they no more have to depend on the tour guides as iBeacon will help them know the information related to the artifact.

So there is no more searching through an audio tour to find the right section, content will automatically deliver on the visitor’s mobile phone as soon as they come near to the art or painting. They can easily learn and watch content without having to search through the brochures.

Works both indoor and outdoor

Not all the museums can serve the community by putting the items inside the museum. Some objects are so big or constructed in such a way that they have to be placed outdoor. But don’t worry as our solution works both indoor and outdoor for exhibits or that are in the open areas. If you have multiple buildings, then it’s great to implement beacon module so visitors get geo-location relevant content.

Summing Up-
Our iBeacon technology for museums works both for Android and iOS. Our team has developed expertise in iBeacon, so if you want to get iBeacon solution integrated then talk to our expert who would help you in a more effective way.

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