We are living in a society which has reached a point where everyone desires to get customized services and products. Right from coffee to computers and from shopping to museum experiences, everything is becoming digitalized to meet the growing needs and expectations of the audience.

What we are talking here is the ease of access and personalized experience that is being given to the museum audience through a science center app. The only question that must be revolving around your mind is how best you can leverage the high accessibility of this customized app to deepen the visitor experience?

After investigating a lot and questioning many museums, our team decided to come up with a solution which would not only be handy to the visitors but can also prove to be the best mode of communication between the museum and its audience.

Although museums have been a place for exploring, education, knowing the history and a lot more, over the years museums have been working well in serving the community, but one thing I would like to highlight is- were the museums able to build a strong connection with the audience? No, not exactly!

Today, science centers are walking along with the technology and by incorporating such solutions they are able to benefit themselves as well their audience. If you haven’t considered a science center or discovery center app yet, then here you go. The solution will peek the interest of your visitors, quiz them with age-appropriate questions, share detailed information/video, narratives and offer “Try-this” DIY projects.

Let’s see what else you can get in a robust, feature-rich Science Center App.

  • Well, keeping the track of the visitor wasn’t possible earlier for the museums. By getting the app developed, you can gather a proper analytics on the number of visitors and the area mostly covered by them in the museum. Also, sort interactive that is closest, to the top.
  • The app can show detailed information related to the artifacts/interactives that cannot be physically displayed on the walls or board.
  • Depending on the visitor, the app can show up age-appropriate difficulty level Trivia with scratch-off answers.
  • A visual impression lasts longer on the minds of the people; the science center app will show narratives and videos related to interactive. This will keep the visitors more engaged.
  • The visitor can remain updated about the upcoming Events and exhibition’s information in the app along with photos.
  • The app is multilingual; which means you can easily connect in the language of the visitor by letting them use the app according to their desired language.
  • Push notifications help you build a better connection with your visitors. Share information about events & exhibitions and have visitors coming back.
  • Social Media integration can let the user take pictures and share on Facebook and Twitter from the app.

I hope this was helpful! If you wish to get a science center app developed or have any other queries, then talk to our expert. Write to us at sales@MuseumAnywhere.com or call 703.652.6630.