Guest pass is a standard benefit most museums, science centers and other institutions give to their members. Typically it requires sending paper guest passes to members and it requires that member be present when the guest pass is used. The objective is to leverage current members to bring in new people who may potentially become a member.

However, in last few years, entire paradigm of social relationships has changed to a society where people interact and share over smartphone apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat.

Problem with paper gift passes is that it’s costly to mail and does not fit in the new shareable digital economy. MuseumAnywhere introduced a digital, single-use Sharable Guest Pass that can be shared via Text, WhatsApp or email. What MuseumAnywhere team concluded is that its way more easy to just send someone a Sharable Guest Pass than have to arrange to bring the person and family with you to use the pass you have.

Since a sharable Pass does not require the member to come in with the person who is using it, it’s more likely to be shared more widely -beyond very close friend/relatives- to office colleagues, neighbors and even to not-so-close friends and acquaintances! That is exactly what you as the institution really want.

The good thing with a Sharable Pass is majority of the times the recipient user of Sharable Guest Pass brings other people who pay full admission. It is also an opportunity to pitch membership benefits to them at that time.

About Author: Sumer Mathur is President of MuseumAnywhere based in Dulles VA that offers eMembership Cards and Sharable Guest passes to museums, science centers, zoo and other institutions.

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