In an increasingly online world, more and more people are turning to smartphone and tablet usage in their day-to-day activities. In the sense, making the cultural materials relevant to people’s lives prove to be especially demanding. Keeping this in mind, we have used ibeacon solutions for the museums. ibeacon technology in museums allows to gather visitor’s data, help people navigate and send out the right messages in the right place.

We at Museum Anywhere assist you to get the ibeacons integrated into your museum app where you can understand the most popular exhibit by measuring the time spent by the visitors at different sections of the museum.

Let’s see how museums can leverage iBeacon technology to enrich the visitor’s experience;-

  • iBeacons Museum App determines the location of the visitor in the Museum and serves the relevant content.
  • Say you have 100 artifacts in the app. As the visitor walks around, items in the App’s Gallery View sort automatically so ones that are nearest will show up top.
  • If there are any stories, pictures, interesting facts, videos, narratives that are relevant to those exhibits in the immediate vicinity of the visitor, those icons appear allowing the visitor to have a wealth of information related to the exhibits.
  • iBeacon solution works both inside the museum and even outdoors for exhibits or that are in the open areas.
  • It is great to implement beacon module in your application so visitors get geo-location relevant content.

Our iBeacon (also known as BLE beacons) solution works on iOS as well as Android devices. Intelligence is built into the app itself. GPS signals are too weak to penetrate enclosed spaces with thick walls. iBeacons, although new in the location-based technology, have proven themselves to be a robust solution for large indoor spaces. Our team has developed expertise in iBeacons.

Beacon-based mobile apps have the potential to change the way your visitors gain experiences at museums. Mobile App for your museum with iBeacon features can be implemented quickly as the solution is already integrated into our Museum App.

If you’re looking forward to having a similar solution, feel free to get in touch with us via email sales@MuseumAnywhere.com or call 703.652.6630