We are familiar with the standard plastic membership card. It has probably got the membership number, the name and few other details of the member. But who really wants one more card to carry in the wallet. Why not give ease of access to your members? With our introduction of eMembership Card solution, you can now let your members enjoy the benefits.

eMembership card unlocks a new way of museums engagement with the members. Cool features like push updates about upcoming events/exhibitions, renewal reminders and more are added to the digital membership card.

MuseumAnywhere is a Blackbaud & Versai Technology Partner and has come up with digital membership cards for Neon, Altru, Raiser’s Edge, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Fundly or any other membership system.

This blog will show the perks of having a digital membership card for your museum.

  • Today, the members are glued to their smartphones, so having eMembership card solution for them that resides on their phone would be a perfect solution. Our eMembership card is smart which means it knows how to keep your members updated about the membership renewal.
  • The eMembership Card can be added to Apple Wallet which means the card pops up on member device, as soon as member comes in the vicinity of Museum.
  • Our solution doesn’t require any data entry, scanning or work from the museum. The eMembership card will fetch all the information from your membership system.
  • Quick e-delivery of new membership card once the membership card has lapsed.
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MuseumAnywhere is very grateful to all our clients that have agreed to participate in this eMembership card program for their members. If you too want your museum or gallery to have the smart solution (Digital Membership cards for Fundly or any other membership system) then reach us via email sales@MuseumAnywhere.com or call 703.652.6630.