Are you getting analytics on what brought a person in your museum? Are you leveraging opportunities for expanding membership base? With the increasing museum activities taking place in the digital realm, museums and other institutions are faced with many challenges of developing an effective way to define, measure and evaluate the ongoing activities and by this, we mean a complete analytics on what is happening around in the museum. This might sound obvious to you, but yes we are talking about how important it is to understand by being digital on one hand and enable the data collection and management.

For visitor service team it becomes struggling and even more in getting reliable analytics on the visitors because one cannot figure out the purpose of their visit and also who have recommended and how many times they visit in a year or month. Often the electronic counting solutions are implemented that just give the basic counts on visitors.

We are here to announce about our product Visitor Sign-in Kiosk. Sign In-Tablet Kiosks to gather the info that you can use within the museum and with museum benefactors? It is an inexpensive solution with significant Return on Investment.

With just a few questions, Visitor Sign-in Kiosk solution from MuseumAnywhere team can identify a repeat visitor and also get valuable analytics for you.

  • Analytics on the numbers of visitors and also the age groups.
  • Analytics on what brought them in – an event, an exhibition, an educational session etc.
  • Where they come from and opportunity to get info for targeting for events or exhibition announcements or increasing your membership base.
  • What type of visitors they are- family, friends or people from outside the country (tourists).
  • Analytics on other information like the visitor’s contact number and e-mail address.

Getting analytics of your visitors is beneficial and important in order to maximize the full potential data that brings to a museum. Think of it this way: Visitor Sign-in Kiosk will enable the museums to have all the data and can help to thrive during the challenging and changing times.

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